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Randal Harrison: Links

The Randal Harrison Trio CD @ CD Baby
Click here to buy a copy of The Randal Harrison Trio's CD!
"Just Friends-Live at the Lakeside" @ CD Baby
Click here to purchase this CD of jazz standards by Harrison and Reifsnyder. By the way, CD baby is a great site that you can find music by indepentant artists from around the world. It's very safe and easy to use or we wouldn't send you there.
Honor Among Thieves CDs
Honor Among Thieves' "The Blue God" CD is available at CD Baby, too!
Piper Road Spring Band
I'v thoroughly enjoyed playing with these guys the last couple of years. They are as entertaining on the road as they are on the Stage!
Elena Osterwalder
Elena is the artist who's incredible painting is on the cover of the new CD by the Randal Harrison Trio featuring Mark Urness and Geoffrey Brady. We are very excited to have her involved in this project and feel Elena's painting, "Pisces" truely reflects the music on the recording. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Elena!!!
Suzuki Association of the Americas
The site for information about teachers, workshops, institutes, pedagogy and materials related to the Suzuki Method of talent education.
Mark Urness' Myspace
All about Mark's endevors. Pretty darn cool - check it out!
the Yid Vicious site
Yid Vicious is the crazy, eclectic klezmer band that our RH Trio drummer, Geoffrey Brady, plays with. They're kleztastic! Check'em out.
Ewen Industries
This is the website of film maker Paul S. Ewen. He is an Emmy award-winning editor and the creator of the film about Honor Among Thieves called, "When the World Runs Fast". You've seen his magic on MTV and VH-1. I really like his work and I think you will, too!
The MAMA's
An award show for charity; to recognize artists for the efforts over the previous year, to promote local music in general and to have some fun! Go visit and support the MAMA's.
Downtown Dailies/blue studio
Gretta Wing Miller -Downtown Dailies/blue studio -Aarick Beher. Documentary and Advocacy Video for NonProfits & Independent Artists. We are proud to have been a part of Aarick and Gretta's work for the past several years. When you are watching their films and hear a's probably Randal.
Joey B. Banks
Check out my buddy Joey B. Banks' website. He's the monster drummer I play with in the band Honor Among Thieves. He's got a cool website with links to the world.
Harmonious Wail's "Gypsy Swing" available at CD Baby!
Randal's great friends, Harmonious Wail, asked him to play violin on this recording on the Naxos Label. "Gypsy Swing" won the 2004 MAMA for "Best Jazz Album". It features stunning vocals, arrangements and that wonderful bounce inspired by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. You can find more about the Wail at
Leahy's Luck
You can see me play with my good friends the Leahy's and Stas Venglevski at Irish festivals, theaters and pubs alike. It's all listed on their website. Hope to see you soon!
Stas Veglevski's web site
Stas will WOW listeners with his vertuosity. This bayan accordianist, originally from the Republic of Moldova, now lives in Milwaukee,WI and tours the world. He also performs with Randal with their good friends the Leahys.
Sally De Broux
Sally is a dear friend and great vocalist. My favorites on her CD, "The Way Love Can Be", are Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves) and Nature Boy. Check 'em out at her website. (You can go to "The Store" page and buy one through StringFling, as well.)
This Big String Band
David Algeo Smith, a fantastic fiddler influenced by folk music from around the globe. David is a fellow Suzuki teacher and holds several fiddle championship titles. Find him on a stage or at a workshop near you!
Franks Violins
Mark Kurkowski is the one who introduced me to the world of David Grissman and Newgrass Music back in the 1980's. He's and old friend and a great mandolinist. He also happens to own the best violin shop in Indiana. Stop on by the shop when your in Indianapolis, get your bow rehaired by his luthier, Benjamin Parrott, buy a little music, and please, say hello to Mark for me.
Wondeful info for help in planning your wedding!
You Tube "Buckystein Trailer"
Just for fun! Kids beware. Yes, our fearless artist representative is an actor, too (as well as many other wonderful things) The maker of "Buckystein" is in production of a new flick, featuring our fearless Sandra as a giant crab's tiniest claw on the left foot!!!!!!!!! Go Sandra. You really pinch me.