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Original Jazz- The Randal Harrison Trio

Classical- Arpeggione

Jazz Standards- Live at the Lakeside

Alt. Rock & Blues- Honor Among Thieves.

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Jazz violinist Randal Harrison’s gutsy, hard driving swing and inclusive approach to composition are the basis for the group, The Randal Harrison Trio. An EMMY nominated composer himself, for this recording Harrison draws from the great composers of the jazz idiom and incorporates musical flavorings from around the world including: the Klezmer tradition of eastern Europe, classical music from India and the Piazzolla inspired Tango Nuevo of Argentina. If variety is the spice of life, the debut jazz CD by The Randal Harrison Trio has a complexity to it’s heat and a depth of flavor that make it simply delicious.

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Live at the Lakeside

Live_Lakeside_cover_medium_72.jpg Even though Randal Harrison and Brad Reifsnyder have been in and out of studios for years as studio musicians, composers and producers, Live at the Lakeside is the first CD to feature the violin/guitar duo exclusively. It is a recording of the jazz standards Reifsnyder and Harrison have long performed together. The CD opens with the title track “Just Friends” (J. Klemmer) and ends with Charlie Mingus’ “Reincarnation of a Lovebird”. Sandwiched in-between is an unexpected mix of pieces by Louis Bonfi, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Wayne Shorter, Jimmy McHugh, Theloniuos Monk, Henry Mancini, and Duke Ellington. Harrison and Reifsnyder seamlessly layer compositions from a variety of jazz traditions into a sound that is all their own.

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The Blue God, by Honor Among Thieves

Try to define Honor Among Thieves. Blues roots are unmistakable, but the line up of guitar, bass, drums, and violin, and musical flourishes that stray into klezmer, jazz, funk and beyond confound true blues devotees. They have amassed a wealth of creative material and wield it with passion and spontaneity that makes each performance unique and has allowed Honor Among Thieves to remain one of Madison’s most revered bands for nearly a generation. The members of Honor Among Thieves are: Andy Ewen:lead vocals, guitar; Doug DeRosa:bass, vocals; Randal Harrison: violin, vocals; Joey B. Banks:drums. The Blue God is a collaboration between Honor Among Thieves and reknowned cartoonist and voice of The Onion Radio News, P.S. Mueller. The songs have to do with impossible chemistry, geology, mythology, sand, the infrastructure of hopelessness and one articulate dog. Musically, The Blue God is an eclectic mix, running the gamut from intimate ballads to full-out rock. buy this CD @ CD Baby OR, get one at a Thieve's show. The dancing's always more fun at the club!